Spirituality for the Politically Incorrect

Happy Mother’s Day to Earthly and Divine Mothers!

May 10, 2020

We honor our earthly mothers on Mother's Day.  Have you thought of honoring our divine mother's?  And What does "Mother" really mean to all women on earth?  Join me as we celebrate and hear commentary on woman's role as mother.


I believe that you and I have chosen to live during this time. We are being asked to pivot, own our purpose, and thrive. Our purpose is to lead others to awaken and thrive.  This time is calling gifted leaders, healers, mentors, guies, conscious entrepreneurs, and creatives to step up and lead. We get to create the New Earth, and guide others into the new era for humanity.  This is why I partnered with Anna Kowalska for this free online series “Sacred Success Salon: How to Lead and Thrive and an Awakened Leader in Times of Uncertainty.” Anna is bringing over 40 experts, including me, to share wisdom on how to navigate these times, and powerfully step into your awakened leadership.  It's FREE and is begins this week.  JOIN HERE


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