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Meditation for Stress Relief and Healing by Laurie Maloney

July 26, 2020

We are living in unprecedented times right now, which might be causing you more stress than usual.  Meditation is a great stress reliever and Laurie Maloney joins me to share with you different types of mediation, one which you may never have heard about!  Laurie also leads us in a meditation you won't want to miss.

Laurie Maloney is a certified meditation instructor, modern mystic and catalyst for healing.  She received her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the University of Texas in 1991. She has studied and practiced various energy healing modalities since 1998.  Her fascination with alternative and holistic healing methods led her to become a meditation and mindfulness instructor. She received her training from the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona, Arizona.

Laurie’s interest in vibrational and energy therapies have been the object of continuing exploration. She studied sound healing with John Beaulieu in 2013.  She trained in and received her certification in Biofield Tuning in 2019. She is a Stellar Waves Crystal Light Bed therapist and a certified Feng Shui consultant.  Laurie is passionate about the extraordinary effects and benefits of vibrational and energy therapy.  Biofield Tuning/Sound Therapy, Crystal Light therapy, and meditation have brought her the extraordinary benefits of vibrant health and vitality, and a profound sense of well-being and balance.

Laurie inspires people to listen to their own inner wisdom. She combines this talent with energy and vibrational therapies, allowing her clients to experience lasting health, balance and well-being.  She believes that when one’s body, mind and spirit are in balance and alignment, one can live life at its highest potential.  Laurie’s personal journey enables her to share this knowledge and expertise, and to be a conduit for self-empowerment and healing for others.  Visit Laurie at her website at https://unwindmeditationstudio.com/.

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