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The 7 Essential Laws with Christy Whitman

February 9, 2020

Don't miss this amazing interview with Christy Whitman, New-York Times Best-Selling Author and Certified Law of Attraction Coach!  She will reveal the 7 Universal Laws and why you must learn and apply all of them.  She shares:

  • All 7 Universal Laws – what are they all about how they affect you
  • How to apply all the Universal Laws in order to create more freedom, joy and abundance
  • How you can turn on your money magnet
  • The myths surrounding the Universal Laws – These may be why it’s not working for you!
  • How you can manifest from your attitudes and beliefs (it’s not just about thinking positive!)
  • The difference between lack and abundance mindset and how you can turn your mindset into one of abundance with ease

Go to https://www.christywhitman.com/ for her free gift and https://quantum-success-coaching-academy.com/free-life-coach/ for your complimentary coaching session.

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