Spirituality for the Politically Incorrect

You Can Create Massive Change in the World! with Keira Poulsen

July 19, 2020

Join me with special guest, Keira Poulsen, as together we explore what it means to connect to your inner Divinity and how to maintain that connection for divine flow in your life.  Learn how creating your personal sacred space in your home for daily communion with the Divine opens the door to greater creativity, inspiration and guidance.    

Keira Poulsen is a mother to 5 amazing children. She is also an intuitive, energetic healer and creator. Keira has created The Awaken Program and The Awaken Mastermind; programs designed to help leaders learn how to do their own daily healing work and awaken their ability to be leaders of light. She is also the host of The Awaken Podcast; the creator of The Awaken Jewelry line and owner of Freedom House Publishing Co. Keira believes that we all have a deep purpose that the world needs. And when we connect up to The Divine and remember our own inner Divinity, we can create massive change in this world. 

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